11 Of The Best Bedroom Ideas For Men

If you are like most men, then you most probably just like getting the minimum possible in terms of house décor. You don’t want a fancy table, mat, or bed; you just want something that works (except for electronics of course – we want the ones with the best specs)! This means that your bedroom, like most of other men’s bedrooms, is probably dull with nothing much in the way of design. So I talked to a couple of interior designers and visited tons of relevant sites to find a couple of bedroom designs to help you add a bit of style, masculinity and sexy to your bedroom! After all, the bedroom is the number one place in your bachelor pad that potential suitors will not forgive you for sloppiness!

So, without further ado, here are the top 11 design ideas to help you revamp your bedroom and make it cool, sexy and masculine.

1.      Paint the bedroom in a dark color

Dark Bedroom

The colour of your walls and ceiling set the tone for the kind of bedroom you will have. Each colour creates a different kind of atmosphere! If you are going for something sexy that will draw in potential suitors and make them want to stay, then you should try dark colours such as navy blue, grey or ‘Soot’ by Benjamin Moore. Such colours will not only make your room look sexy, but also give it a more balanced and elegant finish!

2.      Cover your bedroom windows

Dark Blinds

This goes hand in hand with the above-mentioned tip. You can’t really have a ‘dark’ sexy room with open windows, can you? Get some curtains or blinds to block out the excess light. Whatever you get, make sure it matches the colour of your walls. Ask the attendants at the curtains store, particularly the female ones, what goes well with the colour you chose for your bedroom. Females have a better sense of colour-matching.

3.      Lighting

mens bedroom lighting

Overhead lighting, particularly fluorescent lights, is a mood killer! You need some sexy form of controlled lighting. Buy some cool bedside or floor lamps to give you warm lighting in the bedroom! Still on lighting, why don’t you get yourself some musky scented candles to set the mood right for sleeping or to make your bedroom more inviting to the opposite sex!

4.      Invest in some good bedroom furniture

We can’t really have a bedroom designs review without talking about furniture, can we? Nothing says lazy and unambitious like a mattress on the floor. Get a proper bed and a quality mattress to boot! The bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, and for this reason alone, you should make sure you get an awe-inspiring bed with a headboard. The mattress should also be of superior quality or the whole revamp exercise will be for nada!

5.      The bedding

You might have gotten yourself the best bed and mattress, but if your bedding isn’t right then you won’t really have tweaked anything. Dump those white sheets and get new sets in different darker colours!

6.      Get some books, art, or framed photos

Now that you have all the basics right, it is time to infuse a bit of your personality into your bedroom’s décor! Books, artistic pieces, and nicely framed photos show sophistication!  Reading is sexy. Period! There are no two ways about it. Get yourself some interesting books and a stylish bookcase to display them in your bedroom. Print your best photos or buy some online, frame and display them on your walls! To maintain a masculine look, just make sure you don’t overdo it – don’t fill an entire wall with photos or get pieces of art all over your bedroom.

7.      Buy a good rug

Girls don’t want to have cold feet. You also, most probably, don’t want to have cold feet and to be that guy who doesn’t have a rug in his bedroom! Put your hard-earned money into a nice fluffy bedroom rug or one of those soft modern area rugs for a stylish and functional finish.

8.      The TELEVISION

There is a lot of debate as to whether or not to have a TV in the bedroom. It really depends on what kind of bedroom you want! Is your bedroom an island of peace where you just want to relax and sleep immediately you hit the sack? If yes, then you don’t need a TV in your bedroom. But you are living life differently, get a nice TV for your bedroom and have it on the wall opposite your headboard!

9.      Get a quality sound system

To play music the right way and to listen to audiobooks or radio in the morning, you need a quality sound system. Enough said!

10.   Dressers

Dressers are a must-have in the bedroom! They are not only cool (if you get a trendy one) but also functional – they help you store your clothes, socks and underwear like a man and bring some organisation to your bedroom.

11.  Contemporary minimalism

Some men like things simple! Thus, another way you could ‘revamp’ you bedroom is by going for the minimalist look. Get everything out of your bedroom and buy a good bed, mattress and beddings and leave it at that! Many people dig the minimalist look and would definitely love your bedroom.

Final Thoughts

We all have our own preferences when it comes to bedroom design. But still, most of us are usually so sure about some things in our lives until someone or some experience tells us otherwise. All these men’s bedroom design ideas are aimed at making your room masculine and sexy. Also, there is no use to calling yourself a man if you don’t have a clean and well-organized bedroom and apartment. And you don’t have to get all these at the same time. You could start with the minimalist look and build up your bedroom from there!

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